My Best Friend's Wedding

As I stared at the photos of my best friends’ holiday photos on Facebook there it was. The infamous ‘she said yes’ picture we all know all too well.

I sat there thinking back 10 years ago having a (slightly tipsy) conversation about our future I remember these fateful few words. ‘When I get married I’ll be a princess and you’ll be a famous designer to make my dress’. Well a few years later things were obviously slightly different to how we expected but there was one thing we could count on; I would still be in the industry I love. Little did I expect the speciality that I base my own company on would be essential for this venture.

Eventually, after trying on a hoard of bridal gowns, we found the gown that Angie loved. As she stood ‘her’ wedding dress I knew this would be difficult. ‘You do realise this is the only gown I can get hold of and it’s at least 4 sizes too big for you?’ She didn’t care it was her gown, for my best friend I had to do anything possible to give her the dress of her dreams. It was time to do what I do best!

After taking in the gown a total of 6’’ we then needed to put the shape back into the bodice and concentrate on the length of the gown

Luckily the weather was on our side to make the day incredible for the happy couple!

Don’t forget the bridesmaids….

Credits - Dresses & Alterations: Blush by Jena Louise. Professional Photography: Jon Palmer photography (please note other camera phone photos are included in this post). Hair: Paris Love. Flowers: Twisted Willows. Venue: Coopers Arms.

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