Lifting the Veil

FAQ’s to help with your wedding dress stress

Do I need an appointment to visit you?

We always advise booking an appointment to try on wedding gowns, this more for your benefit rather than ease. We have a fully private fitting room in which we hold all our appointments, booking in with us can guarantee that you get this space and plenty of time for a full appointment so you are not rushed. Booking an appointment will also ensure that a member of staff is fully available during your consultation to physically help you try on the gowns and ensure you gain as much information as possible during your first visit.

How far ahead of my wedding should I visit you? 

When a gown is ordered in for you they are all made up to order in your correct size; this can take anything from 3-6 months depending on the designer. To ensure that we have plenty of time to get your dress ordered, altered and prepared for your wedding day we say you need to be thinking of placing your order 8 months before the big day. Many brides however find that they want to get their dress ordered well before this in order ensure that matching details can also be planned in plenty of time. If this is you, don’t worry. We regularly have booking for 2 or even 3 years in advance; all dresses are stored in store until you are ready to collect them so keeping your dress in a safe place shouldn’t be a worry in the back of your mind. What if my wedding is less than 8 months away? Firstly, don’t panic! One of the reasons we ask to record your wedding date is so we can do research into delivery times before you have even entered the store. All of our manufacturers have ‘rush cuts’ available (all rush cuts however incur an additional fee). We always have a selection of gowns that can be bought straight ‘off the peg’(usually marked with a sizable discount). We always advise speaking to a member of staff if you are worried that your wedding date is creeping up quicker than you expected.

Who should I bring to my appointment?

You can bring absolutely anyone who you think will help you find the gown that is right for you;however, we always say keep it intimate! Two or three is probably the ideal number. Your first appointment means you will be absorbing a lot of information as well as trying on lots of assorted styles; past experience has shown that too many people tend to go off on tangents or can confuse your opinions. If you want to share the experience with more people my advice would be to bring them back when you narrowed your choice down to one or two dresses. What if my dress needs altering? We do all alterations in store ourselves in our very own atelier. If you want more information on alterations keep an eye out for our next instalment of ‘lifting the veil’ or alternatively contact the store directly.

What if I want to lose weight before my wedding?

This is something we deal with regularly on a day to day basis, most dresses can be take down by one or two sizes so loosing a few pounds is nothing to pressure yourself with. We don’t start any alterations until a few weeks before your wedding to ensure that we make your dress fit perfectly. If you are however looking at something more drastic then please raise this when your measurements are taken.

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