There is no denying that issues surrounding sustainability,

environmental issues and ethical consumerism are topical discussions that have
become more important over the past 10 years. These issues influence where we
spend our money, what we eat, how we decorate our homes and even which beauty
products we decide to purchase.

While this is a strange opening to a blog on a bridal

website, meeting one of our latest ‘blush friends’ has opened my eyes not only
into my life but my business practises as well.

One dreary Wednesday afternoon I received a phone call from
an especially chirpy Claire (aka @tokenvegangirl). Claire was struggling to
find someone to help her promote her entry into the Miss World UK beauty

My first question, what is Miss Earth UK?

A small bit of research informed me that Miss Earth UK
prides itself on informed, committed and goal-oriented contestants. The entrees
and winners all play a large part in protecting and preserving the environment.
They are simply ‘beauties for a cause’.

As me and my partner are avid allotment owners, animal
lovers and passionate about reducing food wastage, we jumped at the chance to
be able to help Claire out. While we are not Vegetarians we are extremely
passionate about ensuring that our food comes from a good environment.

We were only too happy to help Claire promote her work
through a form of promotion we would never have thought about ourselves. And
the photos did not disappoint!

Using one of the most beautiful places in this country, the
peak district Claire has pulled in photographers such as Nick Lee (@@nick_p_lee), James Lawrence (@the_james_lawrence_show) and Martin
Draper (@marv_draper). Alongside the makeup
artists Ferne Alexandra (@fernealexandrasalon).

Claire has even chosen locations such as Brinsley Animal
Shelter to bring attention to the amazing work they do.

I thought I needed to share with you the amazing work Claire
does as well as the amazing images we have received from this campaign.

Claire’s influence has helped me realise the changes we can
all make in the smallest of ways. My next step is to bring attention to the
recycling problems not just small businesses but most businesses face!

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